Thursday, February 4, 2010

Derelict Sermon/The Murderous Altitude/Bleakscape/2010 CD REVIEW

 Derelict Sermon are a one man band from Great Britain that plays a style of extreme music that combines sludge, doom, black metal and noise and this is a review of the 2010 album "The Merderous Altide" which was released by Bleakscape.

Drums are mostly slow with some beats that get kind of fast at times with that that much when it comes to blasting, while the bass playing is very primal and sludgy with a dark distorted tone, and on the last song there were some strings being used to gave the music  a funeral doom/black metal feel mixed in with some ambient sounding noises that contained a lot of feedback.

Guitars are tuned down very low and have a dark and doomy sound with some occasional fast riffs that have a crust punk feel while the vocals seem to be a mixture of black metal screams mixed with Buzzoven, Grief and Eyehategod type of vocals and on one song there was some clean vocals that had a very sinister edge to them with the last song on the album having some female vocals that sounded New Age.

Production on this recording which was recorded at Bonafide during August of 2009 and Engineered as well as mixed by Brian Boganovic sounds really dark, raw and primal and all of the instruments and vocals sound very heavy, while the Front Cover Illustration which was dome by Bodie Chewing has a couple of women and an old man shooting guns through a car window and killing everybody in it, as for the song titles they cover murder topics and seem to have a good sense of humor.

In my opinion this is a good album and it brings back memories of a lot of the doom/sludge/grind/crust warehouse shows that I use to go to all the time in the mid 90's and early 2000's before everything got trendy. If you are a fan of sludgy doom metal with a black metal edge I would advise you to buy this album, you can contact the ande

Standout tracks include "Ambush Technigues" "Authoritarian Assassination" and "the Murderous Altitude". RECOMMENDED

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