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Monday, January 4, 2010

KenoN/From the Viod Came Chaos/Qualm Records/2009

 KenoN are a 3 piece band from El Monte,California whose music I would describe as symphonic black metal and this is a review of their 2009 release From The Void Came...Chaos.

Drums are very fast and brutal with a lot of blast beats and the drums slow down at times when the keyboards come in which are in the vein of 90's symphonic black metal and if you were around in the 90's I don't have to tell you who they remind me but it is some band that was popular in the 90's that is still even more popular now but don't use that style of keyboard playing anymore.

Bass playing on this recording is kind of mixed down low in the mix but the parts I did hear where fast and melodic, while the Rhythm guitars cover a variety of different riffs with some fast black metal playing that have somewhat of a death metal influence and you can hear a lot of melody. Guitar leads sound very technical as well as professional with a lot of solos that contain a lot of power and melody.
There are also some occasional acoustic parts that have a really haunting sound with some melody.

Vocals are a mixture of high pitched black metal screams mixed in with a good measure of death metal growls that have a polish blackened death metal feel to them and there is some occasional clean melodic singing mixed in as well.

Production on this recording which was recorded in a bedroom in El Monte and mixed and mastered by Stygian sounds very professional for a bedroom quality and has a level of professionalism that you would hear on a Century Media or Nuclear Blast Recording.

I did not get a copy of the lyrics while I downloaded this but I can name of some of the songs so you can get the titles  "From The Void Came....Chaos" "Throne Of Thorns" and "Hordes OF Empire".

In my opinion this is a really good album from a band that shows a lot of potential and if they get signed to the right label or get on a decent tour, they get become a much bigger name.