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Sunday, December 9, 2018

In Shadows And Dust Interview

1.Can you give us an update on what has been going on with the musical project since the recording of the new album?
Since the end of te recording in mid-October I’ve been focus and gather material to promote the album and get everything ready for the release day. I also continue to records ideas for the next album and working on a Black Metal project with a French band from Paris.

2.You have a new album coming out towards the end of December, musically how does it differ from the stuff you have released in the past?
“Enlightened by Darkness” is lyrically more focused on the Darkness of my minds, life experiences and what I’ve been through/ On the music side, it’s less fast/grinded than the previous one, there are more mid paced moment but the aggressive sound still remains on each track.

3.Your music is very heavily rooted in the 90's era of Swedish black and death metal, do you feel you stand out as being different form the other bands and musical projects from your home country of France?
In. Fact I was playing this music in 97/98 with my previous bands Pelvic Bones and The Evil One, we had a HM-2 sound. When I started In Shadows and Dust back in 2014, I took my HM-2 and started riffing with it, this sound is how I love music. Its sounds indeed different from what’s happening in France on the Metal side, France is more Black Metal oriented (at least in the underground) but I don’t feel different as I just do what I want to do and not looking around to apply the French Black Metal code.

4.What are some of the lyrical topics and subjects you explore on the newer album?
As I mention a bit in a previous question, this is all about Darkness. Darkness of my own mind and my experiences in life. Everyone is going through shit in life and I am no exception, I just use my feeling and hell I’ve been through to build around with lyrics and music. I also use some external stories and past event as in Deathlike Silence (just by the name of the song you’ll guess what it’s about)

5.What is the meaning and inspiration behind the name 'In Shadows And Dust'?
“In Shadows and Dust” comes from Kataklysm song. Kataklysm are a band I really dig because they do music without compromise. They continue to play the music they love and they are true with themselves, that’s what I appreciate with this band.

6.Can you tell us a little bit more about the artwork that is presented on the new album?
The artwork is done by Manel-Song Ollé Chin (@woodcvtter_illustration) from Barcelona and drummer for “Expel the Grace” I found very cool his work around the HM-2 / Swedish Chainsaw design, I think it was a good fit for “In Shadows and Dust” HM-2 infused Metal. There are many details on the cover like a HM-2 grave designed and few other items around. I had a vision for this cover, I’ll describe it to Manel-Song and he did the work. He also did past and future t-shirt design for ISAD.

7.On the new album you recorded everything by yourself, are you still open to finding a full line up to play the songs live?
I do have friends willing to play with me live but I prefer to focus on writing new stuff for now. We already rehearsed few songs together and it’s pretty bad ass working with other people on “In Shadows and Dust” material. Live might happen, sooner or later.

8.On a worldwide level how has the reaction been to your music by fans of black and death metal?
It has been great and I’m always surprise when I send music on the other side of the world ! The first people that supported “In Shadows and Dust” are still here and lived the evolution of the music. More and more people are supporting the band by sending messages, sharing music or buying merchandising. I don’t know if they are Black Metal fans or Death Metal fans, what I know it’s the are Metal fans and appreciate the hard work and heart that I put in In Shadows and Dust music.

9.Where do you see yourself heading into as a musician in the future?
First there will be a next ISAD album out the 21st of December 2019, I already recorded stuff since October and I will continue to do so. I’m also working with another band as a singer / drummer on a very very dark Black Metal project, this will be raw and reminded me of the early Mayhem stuffs.

10.What are some of the bands or musical styles that have had an influence on your music and also what are you listening to nowadays?
Influences come from the late 90’ with bands like Entombed, Dismember, Necrophobic, Night in Gales, A Canorous Quintet, Ablaze my Sorrow and all the Swedish Death Metal wave.I listen to different favour of Metal and lately I’ve been into Obscenity, the re release of A Canorous Quintet, Unearth, Inert, Nightbearer, Organic and Revel the Flesh for example, but the list would be very long if I had to list everything.

11.What are some of your non musical interests?

12.Before we wrap up this interview, do you have any final words or thoughts?
Thank you for you support and spreading the work around, we are the Metal Underground


Wednesday, December 5, 2018

In Shadows And Dust/Enlightened By Darkness/Redefining Darkness Records/2018 CD Review

  In  Shadows  And  Dust  are  a  solo  project  from  France  that  plays  a  melodic  mixture  of  black  and  death  metal  and  this  is  a  review  of  his  2018  album  "Enlightened  by  Darkness"  which  will  be  released  on  December  21st  by  Redefining  Darkness  Records.

  An  intro  which  rain  and  thunder  sounds  starts  off  the  album  before  going  into  a  heavier  direction  along  with  some  atmospheric  sounding  synths  also  being  used  briefly  while  the  solos  and  leads  are  done  in  a  very  melodic  style  along  with  the  riffs  also  adding  in  a  great  amount  of  melody.

  All  of  the  musical  instruments  on  the  recording  have  a  very  powerful  sound  to  them  while  the  faster  sections  of   the  songs  also  bring  in  a  great  amount  of  melody  along  with  the  vocals  being  mostly  black  metal  screams  as  well  as  the  music also  mixing  in  a  great  amount  of  early  90's  Swedish  era  death  metal  and  the  songs  also  bring  in  a  great  mixture  of  slow,  mid  paced  and  fast  parts,  some  of  the  faster  sections  of  the  songs  also  add  in  the  raw  aggression  of  grindcore.

  In  Shadows  And  Dust  plays  a  musical  style  that  goes  back  to  the  90's  era  of  melodic  Swedish  black  and  death  metal  while  also  adding  in  a  more  aggressive  approach  to  the  genre,  the  production  sounds  very  professional  while  the  lyrics  cover  darkness  themes.

  In  my  opinion  In  Shadows  And  Dust  are  a  very  great  sounding  melodic  and  old  school  mixture  of  black  and  death  metal  and  if  you  are  a  fan  of  those  musical  genres,  you  should  check  out  this  solo  project.  RECOMMENDED  TRACKS  INCLUDE  "Enlightened  By  Darkness"  "Deathlike  Silence"  and  "At  the  Edge  Of  The  World".  8  out  of  10.