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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Asmegin/Hin vordende Sod og So/Napalm Records/2003 CD Review

  Asmegin are a folk/black/death metal band from Norway and this is a review of their 2003 album "Hin vordende Sod og So" which was released by Napalm Records.

Drums mix some slow to mid paced parts with some fast playing and blast beats being utilized with some percussion being added at times, while there is a variety of different types of instruments being utilized throughput the album such as accordion,flutes, fiddle, mellotrons, Norwegian zither, Jew's Harp, country flutes, and Bajas that give the music a very heavy folk music edge.

Keyboards and pianos when there are added give the music a very atmospheric feel, while the bass playing has a very dark tone and it is all rhythm bass that follows the riffs coming out of the guitars.

Rhythm guitars mix some heavy death metal that also has a doomy sound at times with some fast playing that is very black metal sounding and melodic, while the lead guitars are very melodic and have alot of influences from classic metal in the guitar solos, as for the acoustic guitars when they are brought into the music it brings out the feel of living in the dark ages.

Vocals are a mixture of deep death metal growls with as some high pitched black metal screams as well as some clean singing male and females vocals throughout the album, while the lyrics are all written in Norwegian and seem to cover Norse mythology and Germanic folklore, as for the production on this album which was recorded at Top Room Studoa through the months of Feb-Nov 2002 sounds very professional and you can hear all of the musical instruments.

In my opinion Asmegin are a very good folk metal band that is very original in the way that they bring a death metal edge to this genre, if you are a fan of the more heavy orientated folk metal you should check this band out. RECOMMENDED TRACKS INCLUDE "Bruderov paa Haegtadtum" Over Aegird vidstragte Sletter" "Efterbyrden" and "Vargr i Veum". RECOMMENDED BUY.