Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Sinstorm Interview

Hello , i would like to introduce myself, My name is Noor LaCroix, i play guitar and sing for SinStorm.

1. Can you tell our readers about your band, how you came into existence and what you have accomplished so far?
Well Sinstorm came together very easily compared to some of the bands i have worked with in the past. I had already known Jeremy and i was playing in another band at the time when Sinstorm was created. It was an idea we had talked about previously, but had never come to fruition. Jeremy and I had already known Gory Cory for his reputation as a bassist/musician , so it was natural he was our 1st pick for bass guitar. As soon as we recorded some material I immediately called Robbie Sherre to track some drums for the band, Robbie actually decided to come on as our permanent drummer, We had him in mind originally because he is pretty well known around los Angeles for his black metal drumming, our line up was complete and nothing was holding us back any longer . Also , right now were actually finalizing some material were very excited to release , were also working on an accompanying music video.

2. How did you come up with the name Sinstorm?
Jeremy actually came up with it one day, and it just worked for us. Sinstorm has multiple meanings , id like to think of it as a representation for the constant struggle , and perpetual barrage of temptation between good and evil that everyone battles within themselves on a daily basis. I would even go as far as to say, to non pagans - Sinstorm could be considered the Devil's temptation to the darker more selfish and individualistic side of thinking.

3. How would you define your musical style?
Well our musical style is hard to define , genres almost depend on who you are talking to now , sometimes it seems there are more genres than bands! I've heard us described as Melodic death metal, Black metal, Melodic black metal, Symphonic black metal, and Death metal, to just name a few, but there is definitely a consistent theme of METAL

4. What are some topics that you cover in your lyrics?
With my lyrics, i definitely try to talk about themes that matter to me. For example Death, its an inevitable part of our life cycle, were ever moving toward that final point and its one of the only truths of our lie - saturated mortal realm. I try to look past the modern day structure our government mainly it's economical system has put upon us The cycle we have to live in, wake , work, eat, sleep, then work again for your entire life, the one and only life that you are given is robbed.Its so amazing how well those in charge have caged our souls, our entire purpose in life is to create revenue for them and were entirely happy doing it as well, they have completely won! People tend to forget that the way we live today isn't the way we have to live, and that we once lived without the same restrictions we have today.The topics i frequently write about are astrology, science, astronomy, pre -western religion pagan worship as well, things that i feel are true and un-tainted by modern propaganda. I Don’t even fully believe what is written in any of our history books , modern or ancient. Im fully aware history is written only by those who win battles and silence their enemies. My lyrical themes are based on subjects , that some are very uneasy even thinking about, For example the final destruction of the earth , and the hypocrisy of those in charge to name a few.

5. I know you have played shows over Southern California, what can metal-heads expect when they see your live show?
Metal heads can expect to see a raw uncut barrage of energy on stage, when we play we don’t try to act like were anyone else. We don’t go on stage and try to pretend we are someone or something else, this is who we are and we stand strong and relentless. We are true , we don’t even have unnatural effects but distortion on our guitars, were as raw and uncut as possible. What you see on stage is exactly how we are, there is no air brushing here , we take our performances seriously and rehearse rigorously to perform as such.

6. Are there any plans for a tour in the upcoming future?
Were getting that together as well, but for now i can stay keep checking our page for those dates at

7. How has the response been to your music so far from the metal community?
Actually its been very surprising, were getting a lot of great feedback and a lot of inspiring messages from people all over the world.

8. What was it that inspired you to become a musician and what bands or music styles that have inspired your work?
Realistically nothing inspired me to become a musician, i had always been interested in music and upon convincing my mother to rent me a guitar i just kind of took off with it!

9. What are some bands or music styles that you listen to nowadays?
Well nowadays i listen to a lot of Melodic Death metal bands and a lot of Black metal bands as well, symphonic and melodic. Wolves in the throne room , Windir, Dissection, and Emperor are just a few of the bands i listen to.

10. Does Satanism,Paganism or Occultism play any role in the music?
Well paganism is a role that is very center to myself. I feel like a lot of the reasons why our social structure is how it is today is influenced by western religion. (and not just Christianity in particular) I feel pre western religion (world) paganism is pure and un touched by the tainted ideas that rule supreme over most of the world. I feel like western religion if it were ever pure , is now soiled with hypocrisy and altered to reap political and economical power. If there ever was religion I feel like it’s gone and dead and those in charge of continuing this charade , realize it’s non validity and are common thieves with ultimate control over the emotions of their brainwashed piggy bank servants. Paganism mentally brings me back to a time when things weren't always as they are today , and has a huge influence over my lyrical themes.

11. What are the long term goals that you have set out for Sinstorm and what do you hope to accomplish with your music?
Were actually planning on an extensive show schedule globally , but were trying to complete the tracking before anything is set in stone.

12. Any final words or thoughts? I just wanted to stay thanks for doing this interview with us, and i hope it helped you understand SINSTORM and what kind musicians we

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